A taste.

Power surged through her body as she stared at the male body beneath her. His muscled stomach moved with every breath he took ; his arms tied to the bed posts, secured with his silken ropes. His eyes were covered with a thick pink ribbon and he was at her mercy.

She licked her lips as she glanced downwards and saw his cock was already standing up proudly, the bulbous head already wet with his clear precum. She wanted so badly to taste it right then and there but it wasn’t the time yet. She wanted to tease him first, to make him beg for her to put her hot mouth onto him. It would be retribution for all those times when he held her arms above her head and teased her pussy, his cock rubbing against everywhere but the place where she really wanted – inside her.

With her legs on either side of him, she leaned down and kissed him deeply. Her breasts grazed his chest which made him shift under her, making his thick, hot dick move directly beneath her pussy. She laughed softly as she moved herself, so that her juices were dripping onto his cock but there was no way he could force himself inside of her – she had pressed it down onto his stomach. She continued to kiss him as she very slowly began to grind on top of him, not moving enough that she allowed him near her entrance, but enough so that he could feel the friction of her rubbing against him. She moaned when he slipped her his tongue, exploring the depth of her mouth. She was now so turned on; she just wanted him somewhere inside her so she moved off and down, towards her goal.

Now, sitting at the end of the bed, she stared at his delicious form – all that beautiful caramel skin and that thick, hard jutting erection and it was all hers. “Open your legs” she ordered him and quickly he obeyed. Crawling between his legs, she was grinning like a cat. She began to quickly lick all over his balls, his thighs- anywhere but where they both really wanted. Then he did something that sent shivers down her spine…that made her even hotter and wetter. He moaned and she wanted to hear more.

Using her hands, she softly and gently began to play with his sac, rubbing and folding them whilst she began the assault on his beautifully engorged penis. With her tongue, she started to flick at the tip; finally letting herself taste the sweet liquid that she had craved since the beginning.


Break down

“So I told him…”

She nodded along to Taylor’s words but her mind could not be further away. Tapping her fingertips on the wooden countertop, her eyes were glued to the large window by the door. The sunlight flowing in from the afternoon sky was slightly glaring in her eyes but she managed. She managed enough to see the wind rustling the autumn leaves, causing flashes of red and orange to fall down onto the pavement. She managed enough to see the mother arguing with her child by their car (presumably) about the toy in the child’s hand. She managed enough to see him. She saw that beautiful head of thick, long black hair. She saw those broad shoulders and that swagger, there was no mistake. It was him.  But as soon as he had entered her view, he left it.

And so she fell. The tears were flowing freely down her cheeks as she bent down into a foetal position on the floor. She was shaking. It was like her chest couldn’t handle the beating of her unsteady heart because she was no longer breathing properly. It felt as if her world was rocked to the ground and there was nothing left to hold onto. All she could see were the blurs through the tears in her lashes and the imprint of his back in her memory. All she could feel was her heart breaking all over again and all she could hear were the echoes of his gentle voice in her ears.  But all she could do was rock herself to sanity because she was breaking. She was breaking apart again… and this time in public.

“No… No….” she chanted to herself as if she was trying to convince herself of something. It couldn’t be. That couldn’t have been him … He wouldn’t do this to her. He was gentle. He was loving. He was kind and he was understanding. He was everything she imagined a man should’ve been. He was decent. He was perfect and he was all hers… Until he left her.

The tears just flowed faster. Her eyes were so blurry, she couldn’t even make out the sight of her fingers clutching at her sweater so hard that there was a slight tear. Wallowing in her misery, she was becoming aware that something was pushing on her shoulders. She was becoming aware that someone was calling out to her but she just wanted to remain like this. She was so broken and damaged inside, she didn’t want to face reality anymore. But the voice became more urgent.

” Lizzie.. Liz… Lizzie, can you hear me. What’s wrong Liz?!”

Looking towards the voice, she could see the outlines of a face. She could see the concerned wrinkles in the forehead and she could see the fear in the eyes. Taylor took that chance to wipe the tears from her eyes and it was painful to see how wounded her friend was.

“What happened Liz… Why are you like this? ”

“I… I… I just saw him….” Even as she was saying these words, she didn’t know if she believed them or not.

“Him who?” she could hear the concern and confusion in Taylor’s voice as she knelt next to her.

” Him… you know… him. ” She was shaking just trying to say his name because she couldn’t.

“You mean Danny…?”

” Yes… Danny… ” Just saying his name brought up every single memory of him she had. The sweetness of their first kiss. The bitterness of their first fight and even the nervousness she felt when she met his parents for the first time. She remembered the first time they made love and the first cake they baked together. She remembered the first time he told her he loved her and she remembered the day he said goodbye.

Taylor could only look at her friend with despair and pity as she saw how utterly depressed Liz was. Her cheeks were tear stained and pink. Her eyes were puffy and her nose was red. The sleeves of her jumper were now ripped from the tight grip she was holding herself in. She was a broken mess and Taylor didn’t know how to make any of this better.

“But sweetie… he’s gone. ”

“I know… okay… I know!” She exclaimed loudly. If people weren’t staring at the two of them before, they were definitely staring now at the girl who looked half wild and her sympathetic friend.

“I know he’s gone… but… it could’ve been him right…There’s a chance?”

Taylor hugged her because she knew… she would break even more.

“No… no baby… he’s gone. He’s dead. He can’t come back to you… as much as you wish for it… ”





It was the sound she was waiting for. The sound of a new message. She didn’t know when it had become this way, but those were the sounds she looked forward to most nowadays.

Goodmorning baby. I’m going to work. Have a good day.

She smiled slightly. Every morning during the week, he would send her this same message but it never got monotonous for her.  It was a sign that he cared enough to send one to her every day, even though she knew he must’ve been feeling crappy at the moment.

Goodmorning. How are you feeling today? You too baby.

It was usually a wait for the next one but she didn’t blame him. He was a working adult and she wasn’t. Whilst she was hanging out with friends and reading, he was at work doing presentations and paperwork.

So cold baby. Have you had lunch yet?

She wasn’t used to someone caring so much for her so it always made her smile when he showed it. She expected that the people around her would’ve thought she was an idiot with the big smile on her face.

Yes. Do you want to see baby?

She took a photo of the watermelon she had just cut and sent it then went back to her real lunch. Sometimes, it was nice to tease him

No baby. That is just fruit! Plz eat rice or noodles or beef or soup.

It was nice to be loved, she thought as she laughed and replied back to him.

Haha baby, don’t worry! I am. I’m just teasing you.

Baby… you make me worry…

Sorry ! Have you eaten lunch yet?

No, in 1 more hour.

Sometimes, they wouldn’t talk much but other days, they would spend all day conversing. But they talked every single day. Which was more than what she was accustomed to. Usually, she was too lazy to spend so much time talking so somebody. But he was different. She had no idea why but for him, the effort was worth it. She didn’t mind his drunken messages nor his messages in the morning complaining about being hungover. She would comfort him all the same.Whenever she came across a restauant review and she wanted to go, the first person she thought of was him. One thing though…

Baby… it’s so cold in Korea. I wish you could hug me right now…


“Yes… yes… oh YES!” She screamed as she thrust her hips down once more… and saw stars.

Her vision went white for a moment as she collapsed down on top of the man below her. Out of breath and sweaty, but satisfied nonetheless. She kissed him once before she rolled over and onto the bed, covering her eyes with her arm whilst she took in the pleasant feeling that was rushing through her veins. She heard him sigh and the bed squeak when he got up from the bed to dispose of the condom. A moment later, she felt his arms around her.

Taking her arm off her eyes, she turned towards him as she shifted her naked body closer towards him. Beautiful chocolate brown eyes and a strong jaw greeted her, but it was the eyes that drew her in last night. She was a complete sucker for his beautiful almond shaped brown eyes. They made her melt. However, as much as she loved his eyes, she had to go.

Letting him cuddle with her for an hour was reward for her orgasms. She never lingered for any longer than an hour after sex and she never made any exceptions, not even for his beautiful almond shaped eyes. It was a policy that she enforced upon herself to keep the distance between them. She didn’t want him to fall for her nor did she want to fall for him. It was sex, plain and simple. They satisfied each other’s lust and moved onto the next person. She knew it was better this way. She simply didn’t have the energy to cater for another person nor was she weak enough to follow the whims of a man.

“That was… great.” He nuzzled her neck which made tingles go down her spine. Her neck was her weak point but as it was similar for a lot of women, men knew that was the spot to attack. And oh boy, did he attack. Kisses… little licks and light bites. She could feel her body warming up and her desire coming back so she knew it was time to leave.

“I’m sorry babe… but I really got to go now.” She hurriedly stood up and found her dress on the floor, along with her lacy panties and bra. When she was in the bathroom changing, she also called for a cab. It was late at night but she knew where she was. She always made sure she knew where she was heading so that she could call the cab without him knowing.

“Why… Where do you have to go at 1am at night?” He was confused and she supposed he had a right too. He had probably brought her home expecting for a night filled with sex and waking up together.

“I have work early tomorrow. Sorry babe. Call me?” She gave him a peck on the cheek and hurried out the door to wait for the cab on another street.

“Wait… you didn’t give you me your name or number!” He called after her but to no avail, she had already left his house.


A month later, she had symptoms she knew wasn’t normal. Not wanting to risk it, she hurried to her doctor to get herself checked out.

“It’s a good thing you came because you have chlamydia. You’ll have to call your recent partners since your last test and ask them to also get tested.” Although the doctor was kind, she knew that he was judging her a little bit, especially when she informed him of the number of partners she had since her last visit (20 in the past two months) but calling up everyone she had slept with to tell them this… she expected even more judgement.

“Um… I can’t. ” Nervously she informed him, twiddling her thumbs on her lap.

“Why not?” He peered at her over his glasses, a quizzical look on his face.

“Because I don’t know their numbers… I don’t know most of their names.”

“Well then… Chlamydia is sometimes known as silent infection. Most people don’t know they’ve got it. So right now, any of the 20 guys you’ve slept with could have it and not know. That is highly unfortunate. It’s rare that men have any complications but it could result in him not being able to father children. I hope you manage to find a way to contact all the men. It is for their own good.”


The first time I saw him was as I walking to the train station with the guy I was seeing at the time. Our eyes met and those 5 seconds that we were walking past each other, our eyes did not leave each others. We maintained eye contact until we passed and even then, I turned around to see he had also done the same. However, conscious of the quick pace my date was walking, I turned back around and just passed it off.

The second time I saw him happened in the same fashion except it was another time on another day. I was once again spending time with the guy I was dating and we had walked past each other. This time, our gazes also held but his flickered to the guy walking next to me. His eyes seemed to hold the question: Why. I had also begun to think the same thing. However, I knew I was better off dating the guy i was seeing instead of letting go and hoping for another chance to meet him. Fate would not be that kind I had thought.

A month had passed since I had last seen him on the streets. I didn’t have any reason to venture out and the weather was poor. So I stayed home and was constantly arguing with my partner. I wasn’t happy and I didn’t know what to do. My partner was callous and impervious to any situation involving me. He was the worst sort of man because he wasn’t a player or a man with no morals. He was simply a guy who was lazy, uncaring and selfish. But I had long given up hope of meeting the one.; of falling in love and finally being in a couple again. Maybe it was better to grin and bare it; just to have a companion in my life – even if he was an asshole.

Then, I saw him for the third time. I don’t know why, but we were always walking in opposite directions. It seemed as if we both were in a rush this time as we passed each other. But, we still gazed at each other as we ran past one another. This time, I felt regret. I felt regret that I didn’t stop him and ask for his number. I also felt fear. What if he really wasn’t interested in me? What if i had somehow mistaken his gazes for interest? What if we became something real?

Classes finished for university and I didn’t see him again. By this time, I had separated from the guy who was putting me through so much pain. I was lonely but I didn’t want to date again. I didn’t want to put myself and my heart on the line again because I knew, it wouldn’t be worth it.

However, God had a funny way of doing things. Months later, I had gone to the library to pick up a few books to read. As I was pulling Sun Tsu’s Art of war, I felt another presence next to me. I felt another hand on mine so I turned my head and smiled.

“Hello… I don’t believe we’ve ever met properly….”

Last Chance

They met in bed as it was their usual fashion. They would either go to his place or he would come to hers; but either way; they didn’t spend much time together out of bed. Any date planned was pushed aside for the chance of him orgasming. She didn’t like it, but to be with him, she had accepted it. Afterall, she was the only one in love and being the one in love, she had to make certain allowances and his lack of interest in her life was one.

“Darling, do you think you could come with me to a dinner party at my parents’ house next weekend?”

She was in his arms after a particularly passionate round of sex. They were both out of breath but she thought that he would be most agreeable after orgasm, however she was wrong. Once again.

“Nah. I can’t. I’m got stuff to do.” He had his eyes closed which was a sight she loved to see usually, but this was not one.

“What stuff would be more important than this? You have yet to meet my parents and we’ve been dating for months now?”

“Just… stuff. It’s none of your business. In any case, I can’t go. Ask someone else or go by yourself.”

As usual, after he would say something he knew would hurt her, he tried to cover up her pain with sex and this time he was no different. He leaned over and kissed her, over and over. He knew she was weak to his kisses and he always used it to his full advantage. Unfortunately for him, this time she was prepared and angry. She was sick of him keeping things from her and his callous behaviour. She sat up which caused the sheets covering her to slip from her chest. Naturally he looked at her chest before closing his eyes and turning his head away.

She was always aware, that to him, she was just a mere game. She was something that he could keep; who would love him and give him whatever he liked. She would love him regardless of his many flaws; they both knew this. This time, he was wrong about something though – that she would stay regardless of his many flaws. She was sick of him, no matter how perfect he seemed and how much they enjoyed their time together. She did not want someone to fuck and leave. She wanted a boyfriend, a partner and she wanted so much for him to be the one but she knew he wasn’t. She knew he was an ass who took her for granted. She knew that he liked playing games with her emotions and she knew he didn’t value and respect her as she should be.

“Okay. I will. I’ll take someone else.”

Too fed up to even fight, she got out of bed and got dressed quickly. When she was getting ready, he was sitting in bed, as if he was thinking about these complications. However, he was certain she would return. She always did.

After she zipped up her boots over her fishnets, she grabbed her bag and headed straight for the front door.

“Fi… come back” He finally noticed her absence and called her back. Unfortunately for him, she had other plans. Over her shoulder, she called out “Goodbye Lewis” and left through the front door, leaving him alone and naked in bed.

Hunter Hayes – Cry with you.

This is my favourite song at the moment.

“Cry With You”

When you try not to look at me
Scared that I’ll see you hurting
You’re not hiding anything, no
And frankly it’s got me worried
Nobody knows you better than I do
I keep my promises, I’m fighting for you

You’re not alone
I’ll listen till your tears give out
You’re safe and sound, I swear that I won’t let you down
What’s hurting you I, I feel it too
I mean it when I say
When you cry, I cry with you, with you

I’m not going any place
I just hate to see you like this
No, I can’t make it go away
Oh, but keeping it inside won’t fix it
I can’t give you every answer that you need
But I wanna hear everything you wanna tell me

You’re not alone
I’ll listen till your tears give out
You’re safe and sound, I swear that I won’t let you down
What’s hurting you I, I feel it too
I mean it when I say
When you cry, I cry with you, oh
Yeah, I cry with you

You need love tough enough to count on
So here I am

You’re not alone
I’ll listen till your tears give out
You’re safe and sound, I swear that I won’t let you down
What’s hurting you I, I feel it too
I mean it when I say
When you cry, I cry
I mean it when I say
When you cry, I cry with you, oh
You’re not alone, oh no, baby